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Stairway to Heaven (Excerpt)

Sometimes, I love to look at a picture and imagine the story behind it. Here is one based on the ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ 


StairwayToHeaven-D-4d“Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving now – there’s a stairway that I must walk, one that will show me the place I’ve dreamed of since I was born. In this place, there’s no such thing as pain, suffering or sadness. No one can hurt the other because there is no need for the balance; there is only love.”

“Can I come with you?”

“No, dear one. You cannot climb these stairs. You must stay here a bit longer. Your journey isn’t over yet. But when it is, I will be waiting for you. For all stairs are different, but the place is the same. And when you see the beauty of this world, you will understand why there is so much darkness on earth. You cannot appreciate beauty until you have known the ugliness of despair. I must go now … goodbye.”

And she wept as he walked up the stairs; but amidst her sorrow were tears of joy also, for she knew he had finally found the peace that had eluded him in life. And all that was dark became light, all that had faded turned to brightness; and the shadows were no more.


Mr Devil & The Art of Suffering

In my poem ‘Mr Devil & The Art of Suffering’ I hope to express why suffering is sometimes considered a blessing in disguise and that in order to grow as a person, trials and hardship are necessary; for only by hardship can true virtues demonstrate their strength; and real beauty can only be exposed by ugliness.


Out of suffering emerges beauty;

Torturous, masterful, yet painstakingly slow;
A torment of which few actually know;
Behind each line and permanent scar;
Define the lives of those who avoided lies;
Who conquered deceit and the obstruction of fear;
Who lived far away yet remained so near.

The devil crept and built a home inside her mind;

From betrayal he drove each rusted knife;

Into her heart for he wished to claim her life;

Yet not just the life, but the soul and the will;
For the devil is nothing short of mightily skilled.
Years passed;
True danger prevailed when one path was lying.
But at last we have a tale worthy to tell;
The darkness, the ugliness, it grew so weak;
Weakness that slowly turned pitiful and bleak;
For festering beneath;
Lay love and compassion, it was the horror that woke it;
And with it he had to submit to defeat.
He was forced to flee from the tortured mind;
For ugly is ugly only to those who are blind;
The trickster’s mistake? Disturbing it from its sleep;
He failed to see;
That beauty is beauty only as skin is so deep.