Coronavirus Culprits: CHINA. Why the World Must Not Let China Get Away With This Pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has gripped the world. Public life is grinding to a halt, schools are closing, mass hysteria is resulting in panic-buys and people are fighting over toilet roll and hand sanitiser. Over a million people are infected with thousands dead. The numbers are rising. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions, the most vulnerable in our society, are most at risk and will need to self-isolate to protect themselves. But even the so-called young and healthy are not immune; children and apparently healthy people in their 30’s have tragically passed on.

And this is happening why?

Because of China and their appalling treatment of animals.

Wuhan’s wet market where the virus originated is not an unusual case. China is famous for its inhumane treatment towards animals; their markets consist of dogs, cats, wolves, pangolins and every animal you can think of, with live animals mixed with dead ones in filthy conditions; the animal, if alive, suffers on an astronomical scale. The coronavirus are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals; is it any wonder that this has happened, given China’s treatment of animals?


Furthermore, their secrecy and lies as they attempted to cover it up from the international community in the early stages undoubtedly led to the mass outbreak we see today. Whistleblowers were punished, sometimes with fatal consequences. Dr Li Wenliang of China attempted to warn the world about the virus but was silenced by China’s police. He died of the virus not long after.

And now the Chinese Communist Party are attempting to pin the blame on the United States, a conspiracy theory with no evidence whatsoever and plainly a transparent attempt to shift attention away from their appalling treatment of animals and their deceit towards the international community. It is no surprise that they are trying to use the USA as a scapegoat, as America has been attempting to wrestle back power from China, weaken their economy and pull US businesses out of China.

Yet, that is exactly what we should all be doing. Pulling our businesses out of China and weakening the Chinese economy. China’s barbarity and cruelty towards both people and animals – whether it’s forcing people into concentration camps or holding animal torture festivals such as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival – is not purely exclusive within its own borders. Their treatment of Hong Kong speaks volumes of their respect for human life. Likewise, Chinese settlers have crossed the border into Cambodia and are bringing barbaric, cruel methods of torturing dogs with them. China is buying out property, land and people across the globe. Their goal is to expand; and the more they expand, the bigger the threat to democracy and the civilised world. The more they ‘buy us out’, the greater the escalation of cruelty and suppression of human rights. Is that what we want? To experience the same sort of cruelty and atrocities they subject their own people and animals to?

In China, more and more people are willing to risk their lives to expose them to the world. Many more of them are calling for freedom of speech; they are calling for democracy, because they have had enough of government oppression. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party are spreading mass propaganda, touting themselves as saviours of the coronavirus and attempting to blame other nations for its origin.

We no longer have an excuse to do nothing. Why are we not taking action against the CCP? One reason: TRADE. Cheap Chinese goods. We give permission for China to commit atrocities on people and animals when we buy their goods and when our businesses continue to turn a blind eye to the cruelty.

The international community must support the rebels in China. It must support the Trump administration’s attempts to weaken the Chinese economy. It must stop purchasing Chinese goods and it must unite against the CCP and openly object to its rulership. International businesses must move their factories out of China. On an individual level, we must boycott Chinese goods wherever possible and we must tell our businesses why we are doing this. We must urge our governments to unite together against China and their barbaric practices. We must stand firm against their human and animal rights abuses. We have reached a stage now where not only are they committing atrocities on their own people and animals, but we and our loved ones are now under serious threat from their inhumane practices.

Is China going to get away, yet again, with their atrocities? The Coronavirus is the latest in a long line of China’s threats against the world, but unless the international community takes decisive action now, it won’t be the last.




About Sarah Antoinette

I am an author and blogger. I head the anti-dog-torture campaign, Operation Hound, which works to put an end to the brutal practice of dog and cat eating across South East Asia. No, it is not cultural and yes, it is our business. I believe in honouring the bond between man and dog, first forged by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Stamping out the cruelty is a duty we all share.

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  1. 😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Bronwen da Costa freeman

    Things need to change Stop purchasing goods from China

  3. To the author(s):
    Ok, let’s see. While I don’t necessary condone these actions, having ANY animal for food is no difference than having pigs, cows, chickens, Lamb, etc.. for food. Animals are animals. Unless you’re a vegetarian, you have no right to speak!
    Then you’re using the “cruelty to animals” as a coup de grâce to bring down China. Might I remind you people that the U.S. has one of the highest rate of abusive situation towards children, elderly alike. While Chinese has one of the LOWEST incidences of child/elderly abuse/abduction for human trafficking. So I guess it’s OK because it’s the U.S. right? It’s OK that the US has human abuse and cruelty while we must take China down for having animal cruelty right? I’m not condoning either, just making a point here.
    OK. Then as this article so eloquently puts it “It is no surprise that they are trying to use the USA as a scapegoat, as America has been attempting to wrestle back power from China, weaken their economy and pull US businesses out of China”….. WRESTLE BACK POWER FROM CHINA??” Just exactly how big is the EGO of the person or group who wrote this article? WHY MUST POWER ONLY RESIDES IN THE HANDS OF THE UNITED STATES??
    To date, Not even the W.H.O. has any solid evidence that the virus came out of China. Not to mention the US has the same kinds of animals where the virus are isolated from. Eating them and being cruel to them do not specifically produce virulent strains of virus. So the so-called novel virus can also be present in the same animals present in the USA and elsewhere in the world.
    So, if the virus came from China, then it has to come from somewhere, right? Since the author so eloquently put it that “we must wrestle power back from China”, this would be the perfect way now, wouldn’t it. Plant a seed in China (I’m sure the US has many ways to do that), let it get out of hand, boom…. Instant excuse to “wrestle back power.”
    These practices, as you also put it, has been going on for centuries. So why now? Why all of a sudden, the US has a nosy hand in China’s internal affairs during China’s rise to power, do these virus all of a sudden escape and appear? Coincident? I think NOT!!! The suspicious hand is still out there to be discovered!!! So before you so quickly “make China pay”, let’s first see where does the virus REALLY came from??? OR WHOM did it came from???

  4. Seriously people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones we are all too blame

    • These people are evil. They have no care factor at all. They are absolutely cruel look how they treat animals
      Please don’t buy their products they don’t learn at all.

  5. Anyone who can TORTURE animals the way these people do must be truly EVIL , I stopped buying products from there 12 months ago because of this dog meat (TORTURE) trade anyone who buys their products are very selfish, (and goes on holiday there) come on everyone , BOYCOTT China , if you want. Animals to stop being TORTURED !!!!!!

  6. Georgina Jelfs

    The Chinese government should be held accountable for all of the other countries economies and they should be put on trial for mass murder

  7. Allison Livingstone

    Help stop this planet being destroyed


    DK before you accuse someone of not being vegan does not have a right to speak up against the barbaric torture of dogs, think on with your righteous attitude. One does not have to be vegan to recognise the brutal dog meat trade in ANY country. Secondly you accuse the author of having an ego. Really? The WHO has not said the virus did not come from China. Scientists have also indicated it did. “Eating them and being cruel does not produce a virus” how about how they have been obatined and kept in the first instance. Please do your research on Sars. Stop looking at all the ridiculous social media reports that it was planted by others. Any country that insists on commiting attrocious human rights abuse and animal abuse in this day and age deserves criticism, no matter what country.

  9. Throwing live dogs into boiling water is barbaric. Its just inhumane.

  10. Horrible mentality! Evil at it’s pure form!

  11. China, as everyone is aware, is 100 percent responsible for this horrendous global pandemic. To think thst they would be allowed to carry on regardless, business as usual, us absolutely unthinkable and in fact, due to the fact that they KNEW their sick practices cacued thousands of deaths, they should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER!!! There should be an overreacting EU and US body set up to ensure their HORRENDOUS treatment of animals and its consequences should never be allowed to occur in global history again!!!!

  12. Maria Helena Olsson

    Stop this f…. MADNESS NOW

    China you must understand that it is time to stop and end the cruel slaughter of innocent cats and dogs to eat.
    it is outrageous! and completely wrong please search your conscience, you know in your heart it is wrong, especially knowing the pain and suffering it is causing to these poor animals.
    The world is watching and there are petition and petition being sent to you to Realize the WORLD WANTS THIS CRUELTY TO END WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT!
    Please I beg you with the world behind me PLEASE STOP THIS NOW!!!!!

  14. Colleen spears


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