Why is CHINA hosting the World Dog Show 2019?

It’s a sad reflection of the times when a country responsible for burning, skinning and boiling alive ten million dogs every year is hosting the World Dog Show. The same country whose police officers beat pet dogs in the street and whose headteachers batter pet dogs to death all for the crime of following their owners to school.

This is the same country that has a province where the law states any non-pedigree pet dog is to be seized from its owner and where dogs are not allowed outside between the hours of 7am and 7pm. The same country with zero animal welfare laws, the very same country that brazenly ignores millions of angry Chinese and internationalists who object to the barbarity inflicted on dogs. Yet, this country, the one that shows its contempt of dogs on a daily basis, is the same country hosting a show which celebrates them.

The irony of this isn’t lost on the rest of the world. Outrage is pouring in from all over. FCI, the governing body who awarded this honour to China, has ignored a petition with nearly a million signatures objecting to it. According to reports, they have threatened and blacklisted any Kennel Club or International Judge who condemns it. One has to wonder what their motives are.

Some people have suggested that it is a good thing China are hosting the show because it will teach their people the value of a dog’s life – that dogs are to be cherished and respected, not skinned and roasted alive. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is inaccurate – the World Dog Show in China is a way to save face, no more. It is a way to shut the international community up, which is becoming increasingly outspoken about their cruelty to man’s best friend. It’s a way for China to say, “We love dogs! Look, we are even celebrating them! What are you talking about?” It is also indisputable that if the World Dog Show was withheld from China as a way of saying, “Until you do something about your lack of animal welfare laws and take steps to protect the many dogs subjected to heinous cruelty, we will not allow you to host this show,” then China would definitely be more inclined to take notice and actually, possibly, implement laws. As it stands, awarding them this honour is our way of saying the rampant cruelty in their country is acceptable.

But no. If we want this abominable cruelty to end, we need to stand up and say something. We need to remind China of its roots, a time before the Communist takeover, when the rulers of China loved and respected dogs, even going so far as to order their citizens to do the same. Under the Communists, cruelty towards dogs has spread throughout the country; contempt of them is commonplace and underground organisations churn out propaganda on a regular basis, encouraging hatred towards the dog. It is sick, depraved and unchallenged. This is why we in the international community must raise our voices and speak out. Spread the word, alert the media, share articles like this from Fight Dog Meat and join demonstrations to counter the barbarity. Your voice alone is a powerful weapon against the cruelty.

On Sunday 10th March, a demonstration in London will take place outside the UK Foreign Office, highlighting our objection to China hosting the show. It is important our governments listen to us and realise we will not tolerate China’s violation towards these dogs. The demonstration begins at 4pm and you are encouraged to bring friends, family – and your dogs! We hope to see you there!



About Sarah Antoinette

I am an author, blogger and news-writer. I head the anti-dog-torture campaign, Operation Hound, which works to put an end to the brutal practice of dog-eating across South East Asia. No, it is not cultural and yes, it is our business. I am not an animal activist. I'm merely someone who loves dogs and believes in honouring the bond between man and dog, first forged by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

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