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This is an emergency blog post and your help is desperately needed. If you are in China, Hong Kong or know anyone with connections there, please take heed; even if you don’t, please share. This dog is Cam, a survivor of the brutal and horrific Dog Meat Trade. He was due to begin a new life in the USA, but things took a terrible turn when the pet moving company lost him at the borders during his final health check, just before he was about to board the plane. Reports show that Cam snapped at the vets and ran across the border into the riverbed in China. The Chinese militants allowed the rescue team one chance to try and retrieve him on the condition they pay $1300 – but after a failed attempt at retrieval, the militants, in most disgraceful fashion, refuse to allow anyone to try and rescue him. Cam is now in very grave danger; and for a dog that was so close to finding a warm, loving home, who had originally been destined for the barbaric Dog Meat Trade – who may yet still fall victim to it – this truly is upsetting. That is why it is so imperative you help us find him. Cam was last seen across the river bank in the 6th military army in Guangdong province. He is wearing a red collar and is described as very shy. There is a $2,000 reward for anyone who finds this dog and brings him alive back over the border. The pictures below show where he went missing. The first pic is the river bank where Cam is located. It stretches from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and he could be anywhere along this bank.












The Chinese soldiers refuse to assist and the rescue team are desperate for your help. Please share this post on Facebook/Twitter and if you have contacts in this area, please alert them. The more exposure this is given, the more chance we have of getting him back. If you have any news at all, please contact Judy Stark on 415-531-8173. Help this dog get back to his owners – don’t let him go back to the trade!