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Britain: Don’t know whether to leave or stay in the EU? This might help you decide.

Once, there was a smart, intelligent, independent woman who one day decided to marry a powerful, wealthy man. At first things started out OK and, like most marriages, they were happy together in the beginning. But as time went on, the man’s grip over his wife became tighter; he dictated what to wear, who she could socialise with, what to eat, how to think, what to say; despite the fact that the woman had inherited much wealth of her own, he controlled the purse-strings and they were bound by marriage, so his word was law.

Slowly, the woman lost her independence, confidence and self-esteem. He warned her that if she ever tried to leave him, she would be bankrupt and cast out into the street. The wife’s confidence was so low by this point that she believed him and realised it’s better to be a prisoner, because at least she’s secure; but what she didn’t realise is that she’s not as secure as she thought because her husband has been lying to her; his finances are in trouble and there’s a chance he could lose it all; furthermore, he is rapidly losing control of his businesses because of rebellion within the industry. But he will do and say anything to keep her under his control, because he is an abusive, manipulative tyrant.

But the woman can break away whenever she wants to, if only her faith and self-esteem is restored. And as time went on, she realised how miserable and unhappy she is; she realised how much danger she is in because cracks are showing, and her husband’s crumbling financial situation is not as secret as he thought; he continues to feed her lies and crush her confidence, but slowly she comes to realise that it is better to be free and possibly struggling for some time, than to be a prisoner for the rest of her life in the hope that she may be secure. She still has her own wealth to safe-guard her and once she is no longer under his reign, she realises she can use her long-forgotten intelligence and dynamism to build her own success. In the end, the woman decides to be brave and leave him, because no sacrifice is worth losing your independence. So who is the imprisoned woman and the abusive tyrant? The wife’s name is Britain, the husband’s name is the EU. And that is why you must vote to leave on June 23rd – free the abuser from her controller and let her take back what’s rightfully hers.

Britain – we value our independence, sovereignty, history, identity and culture; we value everything our grandfathers and ancestors fought for – a free, independent, democratic Britain – and we’re not willing to make a mockery of their courage and sacrifice by laying ourselves at the mercy of the failed experiment, the EU. And if you believe in not only honouring our ancestors but also safeguarding our descendants, then vote to leave on June 23rd.

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