Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Subconscious Mind

It’s funny how, the instant you mention there’s a side of your character which is more spiritual than physical, people automatically assume you’re a crackpot who watches too much Supernatural.

I’ve got a vested interest in other realms, dimensions and entities, because they’re a solid part of my life, just as I have a big interest in more physical matters – politics, human nature, current affairs – because they are also part of my existence. The subconscious mind interests me more than the conscious one does – it holds far more secrets and depths to explore. But one big mistake that people make, particularly in the psychiatric sector, is thinking that the subconscious mind is simply there to obey the conscious mind. That’s not all it’s there for. The subconscious mind is a gateway to the spiritual world and a direct tool we can use to access our soul. It’s what enables us to astral project, lucid dream, see spirits, communicate with spirits and have psychic experiences. Some of this stuff is dangerous and that’s why the subconscious mind remains locked – mankind is still too immature to deal with it.

The only people who don’t believe/scoff at the spiritual world are those who are scared of it, ignorant of it or too arrogant to think there’s anything THEY could not possibly know. Their conscious mind is too powerful – a bit like every average person in society. You can only truly free your mind, both conscious and subconscious, when you free yourself from the constraints of society.


Happy New Year – Onwards and Upwards!

happy-new-year-fireworks-imagesWhat a year! Not the most exciting, not the most traumatic, not the most enlightening – but definitely the most challenging. From crossing the spiritual mountains in Japan to being thrust into the wild nights of Soho; from personal drama on an extreme scale, to persistence and perseverance towards my goals, which resulted in the publication of my second novel (the most difficult thing I ever had to write – but, by far, the most rewarding); from the conflict, epiphanies, evolution and, above all, the courage and conviction required in the face of adversity. I’m no stranger to challenge, but this was one year where everything I believed in and much I have been striving for was put to the ultimate test. It has been affirmed to me, once again, that love, friendship and loyalty are far superior to the dark forces that threaten to overwhelm us. We didn’t escape totally unscathed – but we won, nonetheless. And that is why much of my end of year message must go towards the gratitude I feel for family and friends – you all know who you are – who stood by my side, fought with me, leant unfailing support during some of the more darker moments and never once abandoned me, though it would have been entirely understandable if they did so. It is a gratitude I hope to repay ten-fold in future days.

Much has been learned, and with it, much gained. There’s been some vital learning curves and hardship that many of us have undertaken – but it has been necessary in order for us to keep climbing those steps towards our full potential. Nor, on a national scale, can we ignore the threat that faces us from enemies that exist, both outside and inside our own borders. To defeat those who wish to do us harm, it is essential we stand together as one strong, fighting force and never waver in our loyalties to each other.

So now we say goodbye to 2015 – the Year of the Goat. One would not have expected the challenges posed in such a year represented by an animal who, by all accounts, is not considered a threat. But the goat is no ordinary barnyard animal – it has its horns, it has its stubborness, it has its fierce braying when under attack. It is a lesson to never underestimate anyone, regardless of who they are or what they appear to be on the outskirts. Now on to 2016, the Year of the Monkey (lucky for all you monkeys out there – and I know a few!). I hope it will be prosperous, fruitful and flourishing for all of you and that each of us continues striving towards all that is good and just in a world that needs compassion and determination more than ever – Happy New Year!