Monthly Archives: November 2013


I am the creator, not the created,
I am the leader, not the follower,
I am the stander, not the fainted,
I am the payer, not the borrower.
I am the pusher, not the pushed,
I am the speaker, not the listener,
I am the pacer, not the rushed,
I am the sustainer, not the pillager.
I lived and loved with the strongest will,
I fought and sought the desire to kill,
Every weakness that ever held me back,
For weakness was one thing I never lacked.
I left my legacy and I stood strong,
I stood by God and detested all that was wrong.
I crawled and plodded and felt it was over,
But there was so much more for me to discover.
This life, the one we despise for its deceit and lies,
This one life bestows to me the greatest prize,
Not money, not success, not wealth as its defined,
But to live a life where one is proud to have died.