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Singing Waiters? Yes please!

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s classic tale of ‘Lady and the Tramp’, you will probably recall one particular scene where the wonderfully flamboyant Italian chef, who is good chums with the roguish Tramp, suddenly bursts into song in order to serenade the two loved-up pooches, who are about to get tomato sauce smeared all over their snouts as they reach towards the same spaghetti strand; booming croons of “This is the night, it’s a beautiful night …!” are words that I’m sure many of us will have imprinted in our minds forever, not least for the fact that a singing waiter is something that we can’t help but hope would appear before our very eyes as we chew on our own meatballs and spaghetti while out dining.

Well, for the guys at Samsung, this is something that became a reality at the renowned Dorchester Hotel, a place famed for its quintessential Englishness and a most desirable destination for all those who travel to London, as well as those that dwell within the city itself. It was the perfect location for the esteemed company, forerunners of their trade, who wished to enjoy an evening wining and dining – and what better way to do this than with some of the most talented waiters and waitresses this country has to offer, who could not only pour a perfect glass of wine, but could also sing, dance and provide ample entertainment! There was no doubt of the delight that erupted throughout the hall when the kitchen porter, seemingly bleary-eyed from a long day’s work among the pots and pans, appeared on stage, whispered a few words of hello and, as if by magic, boomed out Pavarotti’s ‘Nessun Dorma’; nor when the table waitress – after bringing the CEO’s main course to the table – took to the stage, winked heartily at the crowd and began a sultry rendition of ‘Big Spender’ much to the claps, cheers and whistles that resonated throughout. And let’s not forget the Head Chef’s upbeat version of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ which had everyone on their feet, fists pounding in the air, mouths singing along in a triumphant roar, united in the one simple belief that this was an evening never to forget!

As the curtain fell and the last sip of port was downed in its entirety, an explosive, thunderous clap echoed throughout the hall; a staunch sign that those who can serve can also provide, for delivering a magnificent sequence of songs as well as hot plates of food is one novelty that can be enjoyed by all who seek fine dining – just as those two lovable pooches discovered when they experienced it all those years ago!