Goodbye Merlin

I felt it only right to dedicate a page to the most brilliant TV series (in my humble opinion) ever to grace our screens, a series that ended on Christmas Eve 2012, one of the few shows on the box that focused on values such as courage, honour and friendship – none of that reality TV crap concerning morons with about three braincells between them. I speak of the magnificent ‘Merlin’ which I am going to miss more than I can say. For five years, Merlin provided a welcome relief to television, which inhabits shows that are so dumbed down that it’s impossible not to be filled with frustration once switching them on. Merlin had a fantastic cast, excellent story-lines, beautiful music and, above all, a sense of morals and values that you would be hard-pressed to find in other televised shows today. I am very much saddened by the end of this great show and I know there are thousands around the world who feel the same way. The BBC will have enormous difficulty in attempting to replace ‘Merlin’ for there was a unique aspect about it that drew in the hearts of many. 


So goodbye to Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, Kilgharrah and all the other wonderful characters of the original legend. I hope the creators decide on a spin-off or a film with the same actors/actresses, same general good feel and same values they started with. Merlin was the only show I watched on TV and there was a reason for that: it was the only thing worth watching. I have written a little fanfic for anyone interested included in the link below (have never written a fanfic before but Merlin really was something special) for I was a little disappointed with the ending (I will not say what happened just in case anyone reading this has not seen it) and so created my own version of what happened in the end. Farewell Camelot – as stated, we will wait for the day when the Once and Future King rises once more!


About skyespitfire

I tend to describe myself in several different ways when asked: 1) A tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. 2) A tornado that sweeps through people's lives. 3) A fed-up misanthropist who ironically has oodles of compassion for her fellow man. Aside from that, I am also 27 years old and based in London, England.

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