The Warrior & the Artisan

Chapter One: The Mission


The Soul left its sect and floated through the vast whiteness that served as the habitat of the endless Souls that dwelled there. Why it had woken, it did not know. Or perhaps it did. That ringing in its ears was all too familiar and was usually the call to action that it could never ignore. Perhaps it was the apprehensive tinge that crept up on itself that was feigning ignorance, rather wishing it could return to its beautiful, glowing sect and remain blissfully inside the love and happiness that surrounded it.

Not that the Soul was cowardly; oh no, not by any means. The Soul had not only returned to Earth numerous times but had actively volunteered to go down in order to try and help other Souls who were currently incarnated on Earth and had lost their way. These Lives were particularly gruelling because the suffering levels usually shot up by a good few bars and if there was one thing that every Soul secretly dreaded it was experiencing the misery of human life. With regard to helping the lost Souls, sometimes it was successful, other times not. It was always wonderful to stumble across a Soul that had been saved once returning to the Whiteness, reminiscing in nostalgic memories from their time down below. But the sadness of an unsuccessful attempt at Soul Restoration always remained in painful memory for the one who had endeavoured it, and there had been a few of those. Not to mention several Lives where it had almost lost itself in the process.

No, it was not cowardice that perpetrated the feeling of trepidation within itself. Rather it was the knowledge of what it had to face, if indeed this was another call to action. All the Souls were aware that the Earth had been getting worse; sinking even further with each passing earthly year, slowly losing sight of what truly mattered and indulging in materialisms that meant very little in the grand scheme of things. The evils that had long plagued the Earth were truly beginning to take their toll and there had been many whispered conversations among other Souls that mankind was on its last legs. No need to incarnate soon, many of them said, for there won’t be a planet left to incarnate to! More and more Souls were being lost to the Darkness … In fact, the Darkness was having a high and mighty time of it all, even convincing many who were on Earth that the dark side didn’t even exist. At one time this would have been believed to be impossible. Now it had become very much a reality.

The Soul was no different to any other Soul. It did not particularly enjoy incarnating into Lives, knowing full well the horrors and suffering that awaited it. Still, this was duty and refusing an incarnation simply because of fear was not something the Soul had a tendency to do. It happened, of course. Some Souls preferred to bask inside the beautiful light and actively rejected going down; certainly there were a few that had already experienced unimaginable horrors and had earned their right to a good basking rest. No one would be condemned for choosing to bask, for condemnation did not exist in the Whiteness. But it did halt the Souls’ levelling process and they all knew how important it was to evolve. The evolution into absolute love was the height of every Soul’s ambitions. Some chose to do this quickly, others at a slower pace. Staying pure and not losing oneself to the dark side was always the ultimate challenge once incarnating.

The ringing in its ears grew louder. This was because it was getting closer to the Power and, within moments of reaching it, it gave a very small sigh, now fully convinced that this was a call to action. The call to action often meant there was a specific mission the Power wanted them to undertake and, like a seasoned earthly warrior, it felt both exhilarated and disheartened at the same time. The ringing abruptly stopped once it halted outside the Power’s dwelling. Few Souls lingered here, only the most evolved ones, the ones who had incarnated time and time again into the most challenging lives. They were distinguished by the crystal clear glow that softly emanated around them. Many of them had already reached the height that others strove for. They were no longer able to incarnate into human bodies but instead they were known to mankind as the ‘guardian angels’ or ‘blessings’; on Earth, they were that kind word from a stranger, that whisper to carry on living even when all hope seemed lost and the protection from dark forces, the same dark forces that were constantly fighting to bring the Souls into the blackened, tortured realm. Their gentle light greeted the Soul as it came to rest outside the Power’s dwelling.

Looking around, it noticed there was another Soul there who did not have a crystal glow.

“Hello,” said the Soul to the other.

“Greetings,” it replied.

The Soul noted the fiery red colour that radiated around its new acquaintance.

“You are a Warrior,” it commented.

The other Soul nodded.

“Indeed,” it said. “And you … are an Artisan? Am I correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I thought so. Sorry if I was a bit confused just then. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between the Artisan and the Sage. It must be the blue around you.”

This rather blunt statement was quite typical of a Warrior Soul. They were known for their forthright manner and, to put it simply, saying whatever they thought. There were seven different types of Soul: the Artisan, the Warrior, the Sage, the King, the Priest, the Server and the Scholar. Each had its own sect and brought its own personal attribute to Earth during incarnation. As Souls they could be defined by the colour that glowed around them.

“I tend not to spend much time here if truth be told,” continued the Warrior Soul. “There are an awful lot of battles to be fought on Earth. Bringing lost souls back to the light is usually what I go down for. Though I had a rather bad time of it last time I was there. I spent longer than I usually do inside the sect when I returned.”

“Was it very painful?” asked the Artisan Soul.

“Oh yes. Losing someone you love in the most unimaginable way possible is the most horrific thing to experience as a human. Of course, we forget that death is just another step forward once we incarnate; we really have no idea if we will ever see them again. There’s the pain, the guilt, the plunging into earthly vices … I almost lost myself. So tell me, what brings you here?”

“I heard the ringing,” replied the Artisan Soul. “I came as soon as I heard.”

“Ah, the same as me then. I heard it and wondered if I was the only one who did. None of the other Souls in my sect heard it. Do you know what it is for?”

“I do not. But callings from the Power always have a certain type of importance.”

At that moment, several other souls who were not from the highest evolved type joined them. Observing the glowing colours around them, they saw there was a Priest Soul, a Sage Soul, a Scholar Soul and a King Soul. The Artisan and the Warrior hailed them and it was then that they began to suspect this was going to be a Zenith Mission.

“A Zenith perhaps?” said the Warrior Soul in a low voice to the Artisan, voicing aloud everyone’s thoughts. “There are six of us gathered here. The only one missing is the Server. I have never embarked on a Zenith before. Usually only the most advanced Souls are chosen for those. I did not think I was quite ready.”

“Nor I,” said the Artisan.

For a while, the six Souls simply floated on the spot, radiating their purity and love out to one another, waiting for the Power to arrive in order to inform them as to why they had been called to action. There was an atmosphere of curiosity about them, for none of these Souls had ever been on a Zenith before. A Zenith Mission was one that focussed on influencing others, rather than oneself; it was one that often changed an aspect of the world if successfully completed. Zenith Missions were usually done in groups, often in threes or fours, and more rarely in sixes or sevens. Different Souls from each type were chosen, though not necessarily one from each. Four Warriors could be sent on one mission, whereas on others, a Priest, Scholar and two Servers could be asked to go down and so forth.

The Power was not long in greeting them. It was always a greatly pleasant feeling to be in the midst of the Power, for it was the absolute height of love and purity. Even the memories of Lives on Earth left the Souls for a time when in the company of the Power.

“Welcome,” it said to them. “Please listen closely, my Souls, to what I am about to say, for it is with love that I say it, yet the horrors of which I speak of are absent from love itself.

“Mankind becomes more lost with each Earthly year. Souls lose their way swifter than ever before. Greed and corruption eat at their hearts and crush them; the Darkness claims them for its own and we lose them in their thousands. Why is this, you may ask? It is because Mankind no longer believes in believing; without belief, without the desire to believe in the goodness of oneself and the good in others, the world slips into decline, morally and spiritually. Why does one side of the world grow fat while the other side starves, where the man in his riches and land will give little or nothing to the child who dies from hunger? Why are the heroes of the world now those who are aesthetically beautiful but plain inside, when the true heroism of mankind was once those who lived for honour, courage, compassion and humility? Why is the body, which turns to dust in the blink of an eye, now more valued than the soul, which lingers on forever? Why does each leader live for materialism and power, rather than spread benevolence to all those who are suffering and in need? Why does mankind continue to destroy Nature, the very thing that provides him with life, with continual inventions designed to benefit him and him alone? Why does the Earthly Soul of today treat his brothers, the animals, with contempt and disregard, destroying their homes, taking their land for their own and killing them for their uses? Their duty is to protect and love them, not terminate them. Why do demons who wear the masks of angels have such influence over the vulnerable and weak, claiming righteousness, yet acting callously and cruelly? Why does it become increasingly acceptable to act with cowardice and indifference when faced with the suffering or pain of others? Why do so many Souls become more and more arrogant, falling into their Egos and believing that there is no greater being or purpose than their earthly selves? No, my Souls. The world is not as it should be. You will have heard rumours that Mankind is close to annihilation; indeed this is true but not in the way that some may believe. There will be no destruction of the planet, other than by the hand of Man himself and this will be many earthly years in the future. The extinction of Mankind will be when humans continue to walk the Earth, but without Souls; where Darkness reigns supreme and no Soul from the Whiteness will return to that cursed world. Only the Soulless and the Dark will prevail; such a time is not far off and should this happen, we ourselves would have little purpose in our existence … For us to love them as we do, to witness the deterioration and decay of those who lost their way … My Souls, the rain that floods the Earth is nothing to the tears that we will shed.”

The Souls who were listening stayed silent. The Power continued to speak.

“Each one of you that has come here has been chosen to play a crucial role in saving Mankind. You are not the highest evolved Souls but you have attained a great deal of experience; you have expressed resilience and fortitude in your past lives. You do not have to accept this mission; the knowledge of suffering that you will be exposed to is tantamount to what Souls in the final stage of evolution go through. You are advanced but not advanced to the point of becoming a ‘guardian’ and this is what this mission requires.”


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I tend to describe myself in several different ways when asked: 1) A tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. 2) A tornado that sweeps through people's lives. 3) A fed-up misanthropist who ironically has oodles of compassion for her fellow man. Aside from that, I am also 27 years old and based in London, England.

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  1. people there are idiots man. for real. how can you not have a publishing deal? you should be 10 books deep already and have people making movies about your work and stuff. mannnn those agents need to be slapped sideways, instead of fashion mags, dumb tmz rihanna’s forehead, jersey shore crap i read at the news paper stands/tabloids, it should be stuff like this. they should publish stuff like this in schools also. at least give people a chance to choose, instead of bombarding them no option with the same crap about really basically nothing. just entertainment. materialism, clothes, sex, garbage. its bullshit. i can’t believe im saying this but religion needs to be dropped from school, so does math, english maybe, but definitely keep social studies, phy.ed. the history stuff is important.

    you should start a kickstarter thingy, there’s gotta be others out there who feelin this stuff, it might just need a bit of funding for your stuff to be heard. just an idea

    do you think there will come a time when humans walk the earth soul-lessly? thats a scary thought. and could you be like say, money driven and like materialism driven all your life and then right at the end of your life you repent and change all that and try to get your soul back? i know its a cheap route but what are your thoughts on that?

    can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  2. Thanks, what a nice thing to say. I appreciate it. Also, if you feel that way about the subjects being dropped from school, you may be interested to see how the story pans out. Personally, I feel that while maths, English etc are taught to be important, really all they do is teach us to be subservient to society so that we may find a job and keep the current ball rolling. How many of us actually use algebra in our daily lives? Compassion, empathy and ‘hero’ qualities such as courage, loyalty and honour should be heavily emphasized in school. Strong morals should be taught. You can imagine people today laughing if they hear about this because it is so wildly out of the norm. But is the true goal of life to be a slave to society, to earn just enough to keep a roof over your head, to earn enough money so you can experience the luxuries that society deems as luxurious, or is the real goal to be as good a person you can be with compassion and understanding, and live to help others and ease their suffering? If you think about it that way, surely the latter is more important? Yet we live in a society where the former rules the roost. I don’t think religion should be dropped; the original concept of religion is actually a beautiful one, it’s just individuals who have tainted it. And like Albert Einstein (a man glorified for his linear, logical mind, yet his deep-thinking analysis of human nature have not been popularized as much by society) said: “True Religion Is Real Living; Living With All One’s Soul, With All One’s Goodness And Righteousness.” People who are against the motions of society tend to be those who experience great difficulty fitting in; they certainly don’t fare well in the corporate world. In fact, many of them are jobless. People have the nerve to label these people as ‘bums’ when in reality they are just more aware of what’s outside the box.

    And yes, it seems we are becoming much more stupid. Hence the ridiculous reality TV shows, the magazines etc etc; though keeping people dumb makes them a lot easier to control. Whoever said the devil holds the world in his palm was right. I really do hope to be published (sometime soon with any luck) because I want to write fiction stories that represent this. Maybe I will even self-publish if it comes down to it …Though there are a lot of people who don’t want to hear about this type of thing. Not because they are evil or cruel, but because they live comfortable lives and don’t want it disrupted. That’s why awareness is so important …

    I heard about that horrific shooting in Connecticut yesterday. I was appalled at what that monster did to those poor innocent children, his own mother and the brave teachers who confronted him. This is a person who was sheer evil and there MUST have been signs of it as he was growing up, it doesn’t just happen, it needs time to grow; this type of evil has got nothing to do with what they teach in schools; good, evil, compassion, indifference, they don’t teach us about that in schools, they teach us about how to multiply, to analyse novels etc. The boy might have been evil but having morals drummed into your head when you’re young, can that make a difference in a person even if that evil is inside them? Why do they teach us things that don’t truly have significance when we become adults??

    I think there are already plenty of humans who walk the earth soullessly; greed and corruption are at its peak. For example, how many people actually give to charity? Are you telling me that your average joe couldn’t give £5 a month to a charity of his choice, instead of spending it on cigarettes, alcohol, snacks, etc? Pretty much everyone who is working could afford to give to charity if they want to – but they don’t want to. This has nothing to do with the majority of them being bad people; it’s because they’re not aware. I currently give to two and I’m on a small wage. And what about all those rich people, who give nothing at all to someone who is starving? Compassion and empathy feed the soul, yet how many people actually practice it? So the soul starves and ultimately dies. Tragic.

    People can always change; if someone feels genuine remorse for not helping others as he is about to die, then why shouldn’t he be forgiven? Or given another chance in another life? But if that person only repents out of fear, knowing he did something wrong and purely afraid for his soul as he is dying – urgh … another example of the selfishness of mankind. Lots of people are talking about the ‘end of the world’ but I think it’s got nothing to do with the earth being destroyed. It’s not the earth’s fault that Man is so selfish and belittling. I think the end of the world signifies the destruction of all that’s good about humanity, something so much worse than death.

  3. “But is the true goal of life to be a slave to society, to earn just enough to keep a roof over your head, to earn enough money so you can experience the luxuries that society deems as luxurious, or is the real goal to be as good a person you can be with compassion and understanding, and live to help others and ease their suffering?”

    it varies some people choose to be slaves. i can be considered a slave because i work. some worship their whips(cars) and their chains(jewelry) and are blinded by things like that. what is a real goal of a human being? it depends some just want to be the best. just to be able to drive the baddest bitches and ***k the nicest cars and be popular in their own city. some want private jets flying over paris with champagne. some just want to live in peace away from other human beings in isolation like them monks. some wants to retire, some wants to live like everyday was their last. some wants to stand up and make a change affect history how they see fit ex. che, gandhi and of course hitler, stalin, attila etc. Some just wanna help and ease others suffering by means whether its a good way or a bad way. some just want to die and take others with them.. 6billion people.. eghh thats a tough one to give a definite answer.

    I agree with the stuff they need to focus on when teaching the younger generations. Its like all school does and ARE doing is preparing the kids to work which is what it really is. they make it pretty clear. graduate + go to college= guaranteed a job= success. drop out = loser = homeless. when i was a kid and going to school, the subjects were all different but it was basically that, even parents and people in general giving advice, you need to go to school to get a job you need college to get a job. which is what keeps the ball rolling. They don’t teach us (not from what i remember) compassion, loyalty, love,respect. things i had to learn on my own experience. some say we are all a product of our environment but i think its grey area, its somewhat true but it is hand in hand that we are also a product of our own expectations. the environment people and other things around us molds us to what we expect from ourselves. so from the get go you are a kid. who are told to dream big and be all that you can be. I want a big house, a wife, a job, a this a that. and that gets embedded in you brain so that take priority over things that should mean more. this is where all the “Me first” attitude and mentality really starts. This is about you your life kinda thing. so the schools and planning out your future most likely the last thing on your mind is taking care of others.

    that also ties in to the things we see and hear. the magazines,tv,radio. we see people with all these things and the illusion of them being happy that psychologically triggers something in the brain that “yeah.. i need to be this i need that to be like them so i can be happy and feel good bout myself” its a vicious cycle that keeps going because we keep it going.

    that stuff with the Connecticut shooting was really tough. i read your recent article about situation and you disagreed that he wasn’t mentally ill. he had a plan and a genius one. In my opinion i tend to believe crazy people are genius not the same but kinda of . its hard to explain. I think everyone born on earth starts out innocent with their souls intact. He could have had his experiences his environment and his expectations to ultimately mold him to the soulless killer that he had become. I don’t think he was born evil. but that doesn’t mean i’m right. Maybe he was an agent of satan that was planted there. or maybe He could’ve been possessed by an evil spirit that cause him to do that evil act. just for an example if a plane crashes in the new Guinea islands and only a new born survived, some how he manage to survive and fend for himself, no outside contact, no influence from the media or interaction with other human beings. can he be a potential evil candidate? he is not a threat to anyone, he doesn’t know others exist he is basically there. but if he gets possessed by evil entity that changes the whole thing. its a really terrible example that really doesn’t make any sense but yeah. but maybe you are right some people are just born evil no matter what.

    yeah i know what you mean, i live in a oil/gas driven city, its dog eat dog out here from shareholders/owners to just people scrapping to get by, its all about money it’s what keeps things going in here, sad to say i try my best to keep my sanity. I always knew when it comes down to it , it will ultimately be do i choose money over god or god over money. nothing else. my dad used to be an electrician back in the day now he is a janitor at a local school, my mom also works part-time janitor and at the hospital. both are in their early 50s, i still care about them, i want to retire them asap because they shouldn’t be working at that age my mom still a breadwinner for her brothers and sisters and all their husband wives kids expenses back in the Philippines, they think she is like a fucking atm machine that just pumps out money because she is abroad. she’s been doing that forever which is fucking insane its taking a toll on her, but it keeps her going she cares about them alot. i love her for that.

    so yeah money lots of money has its usefulness for me, it still on my mind a lot but not for the material things just stuff it can do to help people i guess. my parents, sister, some of my friends people i haven’t talked to in years who are no longer friends i still think about them too. but who knows whats gonna happen right? december 21 they said, HAH! i think the mayans just got lazy 😛 so they stopped with the calendar i still wanna eat alot for christmas tho so might start eating early hehehe.

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