For J

Every flaw you have
Only endears me more to you;
Each line of sadness on your face
Speaks of the suffering you have been through;
And the strength it took

To come out alive;
The strain it caused you
Just to survive;
Perhaps you will never know the pride
I have for you, overcoming your trials;
For while most jog for meters
You ran for miles;

At the end, Death takes us all
But not all of us live in order not to fall;
Many live for their own selfish means
They live in order to avoid the pain;
But they will never achieve what you have done
For life without honour
Is life in vain.


About skyespitfire

I tend to describe myself in several different ways when asked: 1) A tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. 2) A tornado that sweeps through people's lives. 3) A fed-up misanthropist who ironically has oodles of compassion for her fellow man. Aside from that, I am also 27 years old and based in London, England.

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