The Maguindanao Massacre

It has been almost three years now since the tragic killing of 57 people in Maguindanao which lies on the island of Mindanao, South of the Philippines. The reason for this senseless slaughter? Because Esmael Mangudadatu chose to stand against the notorious Ampatuan clan in the 2010 election. Due to schedule his filing of certification of candidacy, he invited 37 journalists along in the hope that it would deter Ampatuan from acting on his previous death threats.

The evil that followed is the type that the majority of us will never see or experience. Ampatuan’s men hijacked the convoys of the 57 people, raped at least four women, and then brutally massacred the lot of them, which included Mangudadatu’s wife and his pregnant aunt and sister. They fired bullets into the women’s private areas and then spent ten minutes spraying bullets into the vans until eventually not one of the 57 was left alive. A backhoe had been used to create graves for the victims two days beforehand and the limp bodies were slung carelessly into them once the deed had been done.

The result? Devastated friends and family, a shocked nation and, above all, a complete lack of justice from the “justice” system. For the Ampatuan clan still run rife, instilling fear into the hearts of those unlucky enough to be caught up in their regime in the South of the Philippines. But isn’t this a typical story of old? Money and power will ALWAYS have the upper-hand over compassion and justice. People can be brutally murdered and not a thing will be done about it because people are too scared to act or too easily corrupted. Look what happened to the man who did stand up to such evil; his family and supporters were butchered – and their sacrifice has been in vain for justice has not been served as it should be! But it is a sacrifice nonetheless and we can only pray that, in time, good, brave people will work together to bring such tyranny crashing to the ground.

But I’m only reiterating something we already know. The weakness of man, the way he is so easily swayed by power and money, this is the explanation for why this world is so unbalanced; because those at the top do not have the courage to retain the values of decency, honesty and justice. Legislation this, legislation that, resources this, resources that; it is not rocket science to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, nor is it so difficult to act.

In one of my earlier posts, I was criticized by several people because I spoke of how I was willing to jump into the midst of three nasty, bullying individuals who saw fit to treat others around them badly. I was told that it wasn’t worth it, that this is what happens all the time, that the authorities are the ones who should deal with it, that it wasn’t my business. This situation is not remotely near on the grand scale of this disastrous massacre and cannot even be placed on the same sentence, but the concept is the same. Evil prevails when good men fail to act. In the instance of this massacre, the good men I speak of are the ones at the top, who have the power to act but fail to do so, either through fear or through being easily swayed. Why will everyone not drum the determination to do what is right into their heads?

Corruption and evil eat away slowly at a person’s heart. And it is not the one being corrupted who suffer for it; it is those poor people, such as those who were murdered in Maguindanao, who pay with their very lives, simply because those who could act fail to do so; they allow evil to run rife to the point where it is laughing at us all. It isn’t politics and media or any other pointless degree that people should be studying at university: it’s basic human values, decency, honesty, courage and all the other virtues that are in such rapid decline! Wishy washy liberals who believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they like; staunch extremists who believe that anyone who doesn’t fit in with their totalitarian ideas needs to be eliminated; cowards who sit on the fence for fear of their own safety; selfish people with no thought for anyone but themselves. I am a misanthropist for a reason; but if I could give the compassion and love for mankind that I have inside me to all these people I mentioned, the world might just work with these traits, and not the selfish, back-stabbing evil that swallows it whole.

But Death takes us all in the end; those innocents who are murdered will find themselves in a better place. And those who hurt innocents for their own gain will find themselves in the darkest place imaginable. THAT is what you call justice.


About skyespitfire

I tend to describe myself in several different ways when asked: 1) A tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. 2) A tornado that sweeps through people's lives. 3) A fed-up misanthropist who ironically has oodles of compassion for her fellow man. Aside from that, I am also 27 years old and based in London, England.

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  1. Sickening and a very well written article. I knew nothing about this. The odd thing is, that many, many, years ago my country was sold out by Western powers and look at the mess it is today.

  2. Rosemary Moore

    I knew nothing about this either, what a sickening thing to happen, yet so true what you say… justice will come in the end…

  3. thanks for posting this up, i had no idea this shit happened over there. went to wikipedia and had a quick run down (tho not a reliable source) as expected it looks like only 2 people are being charged. The kid and his pops. the rest of the 100 plead not guilty rararara it takes 200 years to finalize trial case rarara. smh

    well the thing is that money. Money is not evil. Money is good, but the love of money is evil and theres alot of people that love money. Money =power and what do people with power want? more power. No one is confused by that.

    as for america. i have a problem with them doing this world police shit canada just tags along which is what pisses me off the most but w/e.
    the thing is Their Government (or every government) don’t care about anything unless it benefits their economy. Thats not some conspiracy theory stuff, thats honest truth. always always there is some sort of intent to want to jump in a country and clean stuff up. That’s one of the reasons they don’t just go jumping in phillipines or (insert fucked up country/state/ wild jungle here).
    It seems like every year their out and doing something and fixing everyone else’s problem whether its Bin laden, kony and whoever it is gonna be next year. I know its not always about Oil. Fact is Canada is still america’s biggest provider for oil and yet they still go out and try to get more resources from other countries

    Everything is built on gangs, america being one of the biggest in the world. go there block things off and take what you can. “oh shit they have nukes” well we can’t have that because we got bigger guns than them” command and conquer thats how america was built ask the native indians about that.

    that’s probably how history was built Or destroyed anyways. People wandered about searching for new land and they strip cultures and people of their wealth from africa, the americas everywhere. Its all power. the people at the top are not good people they are there for a reason they took power and have more than others. i don’t really like using the words good people and bad people but w/e iguess.

    in conclusion i just want to say there really just too much going on. like so much shit not just on humans but animals everything. Out of sight out of mind. unless a certain specific issue comes to light no one really cares. Imagine if Michael jackson died a day or two after the haiti earthquake. they would’ve been royally screwed over. its like this is happening here “lets do something about it” go to bed and forget about it in two weeks. It just won’t cut it. I salute the men and women that fought and continue to fight for a better good. It takes balls to stand up and put your life on the line like that whether its local or international or whether its in front of the media or the ones that go unnoticed. I know people are really trying.

    i don’t hate humans as much as you, I for one will not kill one person to save this planet. For the greater good or w/e it is world peace or whatever. i try to do what i can but i don’t worry too much about stuff i have no control over I think its going to keep going and More evil people and things will be born. stop one tyrant and another pops up. i’m also not saying evil persons are just born like that and its in their genes but sometimes too though like the environment you grew up in whether its the hood or you were raised a guerilla kid. thats the only way of life you ever known is to follow orders loot and kill = to have something to eat at the end of the day. if thats the way they were raised and the only life they know its hard for them to have choices like us and i can’t blame them I don’t hate them for that. its easier said than done and maybe if it was my family being decapitated and rape I would feel different but i’m not talking specifically about that maguindanao stuff but really those people out there that really don’t have a choice and only know that lifestyle to get money and survive by means of the only way they know how, where they don’t have a choice to be a doctor, a nurse or whatever. I can’t hate them even if they do evil things, I don’t think i can pour out anger and wish death on them no matter what evil things they do.

    i agree they ( or us as a whole) need to better educate the younger generation because the past humans really fucked up big time and its like “here you go” you guys deal with it. peace out
    But at the same time people need people to work and make money and spend money and to eat and have a bed to sleep on. The system commands them to.. i know i know:(

    Please don’t be very upset 😦 you seem feisty and really rage about watching people be cowards and stuff calling them out on it. i don’t know i guess.

  4. anybody hear about what happened in colorado? probably since its all over the news, it’s kinda relates to the blog posted here, so i thought i’d bring it up.

    tragic shit, downright evil, he definitely had a plan going in there and determined to hurt people showing up with variety of weapons, gas mask and tear gas and body armour. 14 dead so far and at least 50 injured some kids are dead too. it’s fucked up how stuff like this happens all the time, and i’m already seeing people comment about the gun laws and stricting security at theatres for what? they can put as much metal detectors and cameras at all movie theatres and they can ban guns all they want but if someone is mentally focused on causing destruction, he will find a way.

    life is (suppose to be) more important than alot of things. it should. i just wanted to say though that they said the shooting happened early in the movie about 30-40 minutes at a midnight premiere, which assuming all the people there (kids, parents teens) are big fans of the series because it is the last batman movie, the thing is if you put in in a perspective, those people were really looking forward to watching that film after waiting for so long and they will never experience it the same for the victims and survivors. Like i know its’ just a movie but those people innocent people who just wanted to enjoy time with their kids and families and be happy to watch something just to be happy about the simplest thing to watch a movie and that gets taken from you. thats fucking depressing. there is no reason to this, they dont deserve this at all

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