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The Maguindanao Massacre

It has been almost three years now since the tragic killing of 57 people in Maguindanao which lies on the island of Mindanao, South of the Philippines. The reason for this senseless slaughter? Because Esmael Mangudadatu chose to stand against the notorious Ampatuan clan in the 2010 election. Due to schedule his filing of certification of candidacy, he invited 37 journalists along in the hope that it would deter Ampatuan from acting on his previous death threats.

The evil that followed is the type that the majority of us will never see or experience. Ampatuan’s men hijacked the convoys of the 57 people, raped at least four women, and then brutally massacred the lot of them, which included Mangudadatu’s wife and his pregnant aunt and sister. They fired bullets into the women’s private areas and then spent ten minutes spraying bullets into the vans until eventually not one of the 57 was left alive. A backhoe had been used to create graves for the victims two days beforehand and the limp bodies were slung carelessly into them once the deed had been done.

The result? Devastated friends and family, a shocked nation and, above all, a complete lack of justice from the “justice” system. For the Ampatuan clan still run rife, instilling fear into the hearts of those unlucky enough to be caught up in their regime in the South of the Philippines. But isn’t this a typical story of old? Money and power will ALWAYS have the upper-hand over compassion and justice. People can be brutally murdered and not a thing will be done about it because people are too scared to act or too easily corrupted. Look what happened to the man who did stand up to such evil; his family and supporters were butchered – and their sacrifice has been in vain for justice has not been served as it should be! But it is a sacrifice nonetheless and we can only pray that, in time, good, brave people will work together to bring such tyranny crashing to the ground.

But I’m only reiterating something we already know. The weakness of man, the way he is so easily swayed by power and money, this is the explanation for why this world is so unbalanced; because those at the top do not have the courage to retain the values of decency, honesty and justice. Legislation this, legislation that, resources this, resources that; it is not rocket science to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, nor is it so difficult to act.

In one of my earlier posts, I was criticized by several people because I spoke of how I was willing to jump into the midst of three nasty, bullying individuals who saw fit to treat others around them badly. I was told that it wasn’t worth it, that this is what happens all the time, that the authorities are the ones who should deal with it, that it wasn’t my business. This situation is not remotely near on the grand scale of this disastrous massacre and cannot even be placed on the same sentence, but the concept is the same. Evil prevails when good men fail to act. In the instance of this massacre, the good men I speak of are the ones at the top, who have the power to act but fail to do so, either through fear or through being easily swayed. Why will everyone not drum the determination to do what is right into their heads?

Corruption and evil eat away slowly at a person’s heart. And it is not the one being corrupted who suffer for it; it is those poor people, such as those who were murdered in Maguindanao, who pay with their very lives, simply because those who could act fail to do so; they allow evil to run rife to the point where it is laughing at us all. It isn’t politics and media or any other pointless degree that people should be studying at university: it’s basic human values, decency, honesty, courage and all the other virtues that are in such rapid decline! Wishy washy liberals who believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they like; staunch extremists who believe that anyone who doesn’t fit in with their totalitarian ideas needs to be eliminated; cowards who sit on the fence for fear of their own safety; selfish people with no thought for anyone but themselves. I am a misanthropist for a reason; but if I could give the compassion and love for mankind that I have inside me to all these people I mentioned, the world might just work with these traits, and not the selfish, back-stabbing evil that swallows it whole.

But Death takes us all in the end; those innocents who are murdered will find themselves in a better place. And those who hurt innocents for their own gain will find themselves in the darkest place imaginable. THAT is what you call justice.